Notice to the Readers

ܒܫܝܢܐ B’shiena! Welcome to Modern Syriac Language (Syriac – for short), also known as “Sooruth Sweedaya – ܐ̄ܣܘܪܬ ܣܘܝܕܝܐ ”, Chaldean, or Assyrian language. The grammar of this book represents the fundamental of Syriac language to assist you learn to pronounce the sounds of Syriac, vocabulary, simple grammar, and some Syriac culture.
The language represent in this book is the most widely spoken dialect among the Syriac people which is called “Dashta D’Ninweh – ܕܫܬܐ ܕܢܝܢܘܐ (The Nineveh Plain) dialect.
You might want more; other will want less. Nevertheless, this is our best judgment of what constitute a basic, one course in Syriac language should. We know that a big number of those who study Syriac do so in preparation for some type of pastoral or serving as a deacon in the church, Chapter 6 (The Basic Grammar ) will help pastoral students to know more about basic Syriac grammar. But this book will help other people have no chance to learn the language especially Syriac people in diaspora. In general, the design of this grammar reflects both its basic and its primary audience.

For the new learners, use the chapters recordings at when study this book.
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