Q. Am I able to take this course if I don’t attend University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) and the class is offered by UDM?

A. Yes, any student from any University or College is able to take Aramaic Studies as a Guest Student. You must obtain the Guest Student application from your university’s Registrar’s Office (it must be signed there, as well). Once you complete the Guest Student application and have it signed by your registrar’s office, you must submit it along with your UDM registration form.


Aramaic Studies consists of two courses, Aramaic 1100 (worth 3 credits) & Advanced Culture 3990 (worth one credit). Students will receive credit from UDM which may be transferable to their current University (Please contact your Home University to confirm if and how credits are accepted.) Click here to view the UDM Course Outcomes.

What if the class is not offered by UDM?

If the enrollment number is not enough to open the class by UDM, Ishtar Cultural Center (ICC) step in and offers the class for no credit and less tuition (see tuition page for more information) to prepare students for the replacement exam required by the school if any. Some colleges accept this class as a replacement of language course. Please check with your school prior to enrollment.

In this case, the Guest Student and Michigan Guest forms are not required.

Q. How do I know how many credits my College/University will accept?

A. Contact your University or College to find out if and how the credits will transfer, since each has its own foreign language proficiency requirements. Please confirm this information prior to enrollment.

Below is contact information for the registrar’s offices at several universities in Michigan. You may contact them to get a guest registration form and to inquire about how the credits may transfer at your university.

Oakland University
Contact Office of Registrar
(248) 370-3452
Wayne State University
Contact Arnelle Douglas
University of Michigan (All Locations)
Contact Language Department
Madonna University
Contact Modern Language Department
Marygrove College
(Please be advised University of Detroit Mercy & Ishtar Cultural Center are not responsible for any decisions made by Colleges or Universities regarding transferring credits. All information provided above are based from previous transfers but are not guaranteed. Please consult with the Registrar’s office at your University)

Q. I am attending a community college but will be transferring to a University, will my credits still transfer?

A. Contact your community college to find out more information.

Q. I am a high school student looking to get some early college credits, am I able to register?

A. The course is open to all students starting at a minimum grade requirement at the 11th grade. Credits may transfer to the College/University after the student graduates from their high school. Transcripts need to be forwarded to your college or university in order to be evaluated.

Q. I already have my language requirement, can I take the class to gain some Gen Ed credits?

A. Each College/University has different rules on Gen Ed credits. It is the responsibility of the student to contact their home institution for specific Gen Ed questions. Students can print a copy of the course objectives and outcomes to take to their advisor for evaluation. It is at the advisor’s discretion to determine course equivalents and transfer credits.

Q. In what dialect will the class be taught in?

A. The Class is taught in a unitary dialect, consisting of Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac. Students will be taught how to read and write in standardized Syriac (Eastern Dialect) allowing them to build their speaking skills.