There are several people I wish to thank, especially those who helped in the editing, providing resources, and meeting with me to finish this book: my father ܫܲܡܵܫܵܐ (Shamasha – Deacon) Ilya, my aunt Najwa Dallo, my brother ܫܲܡܵܫܵܐ Matthew, my sister Dr. Marwa, my father-in-law ܫܲܡܵܫܵܐ Edward Hanna, ܫܲܡܵܫܵܐ Khairy Foumia, ܫܲܡܵܫܵܐ Yasser Hannawi, Jamil Mansour, Lawrence Mansour, David Enochs, to my first teacher ܫܲܡܵܫܵܐ Nameer Loussia, and to my mentor ܩܲܫܝܼܫܵܐ Fr. Manuel Boji.