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Hundreds of students took this class to fulfill their language and history and cultural requirement classes. Three semesters per year. We open the class even one student is enrolled to help our students saving time and graduate early.

Classes and Registration Information
Please note: This class is used to be as a replacement of the foreign language class(es) by most colleges and universities in Michigan. Some schools require Replacement Exam to replace the foreign language class(es) like Wayne State University (to replace two or three foreign language courses). Please check FAQ page and also check with your school for more information.

Year 2020 – 2021

Monday September 7 at 11am
Tuesday September 8 at 6pm
Open Enrollment: NOW. Click here to register.

Monday January 11 at 11am
Tuesday January 12 at 6pm
Open Enrollment: November 9, 2020.

Monday May 3 at 11am
Tuesday May 4 at 6pm
Open Enrollment: Feb 15, 2021.